Amateur Boxing in ArizonaFIGHT TEAM MEMBERSHIP

Do not register under IronGloves club name unless you are given permission to do so!
Arizona Club #023
IronGloves gym is a USA-licensed boxing facility, the same license as the Olympics.

Age requirement?
At IronGloves the youngest we take is 15 y.o., the oldest is 24 y.o. We will take an older student providing you have past amateur fights.

How long does it take to become an amateur boxer?
It takes about 1–3 years, along with a lot of sparring.

How do I get on the IronGloves team?
Here is a summary of what you need to qualify and try out for the team, and on the road to competing.
First, you are expected to join Open Gym for $30, you must begin to work out on a regular basis, you should be working on and improving your conditioning. Your first step of dedication begins with you showing up on your own and doing your own workout. Get to know the gym, the teammates, and the people in the gym. You have to prove you have the mindset and are dedicated to the sport. Boxing is 80% conditioning, so you really need to get your stamina up to speed, your mile to be under 7 minutes. The first couple of weeks tells me a lot about your work ethic and demeanor, and if you would be a good fit for the team.

Make sure your conditioning is fully up to par, I am not here to be a fitness trainer in order to help you qualify. If you are not sure of what drills/exercises to do for conditioning, then google to learn for yourself.

If for some reason you are behind quite a bit in your skill level, it is strongly suggested you do personal training with a coach. This will get you up to where I need for you to be, as I do not have the time to teach the very beginning boxing basics to you.

IronGloves Team fees are $50 per month (cash or credit/debit card accepted)

  • This includes 3 times week team training, plus you can come in on other days to use the gym as often as you wish.
  • You must have your own boxing gloves, handwraps, mouth guard, jump rope, and boxing/wrestling shoes. Headgear and groin protector you do not need until after 30 days of making the team.
  • First rule, just like football, you no-show for a few practices, you are kicked off the team. If you have to be absent and do not text and do this three times, then off the team as well.
  • Practice is three times per week with me for hands-on training.
    Times are: Tuesday 6:00pm, Thursday 6:00pm, and Saturday 10:30am. You are also expected to come in 1-2 more extra days on your own.
  • It is required you keep up with your roadwork outside of the gym. Keep your 1 mile always around 6:30, not to 7 exceed minutes.
  • Even though you might not yet be ready to yet compete, you must come to the smokers/competitions to support your teammates.

You will be driven hard

  • To fight under the IronGloves name you must represent us well. Ring conduct and respect to all others is #1. Just like a dojo, honor and respect is demanded, no foul language is tolerated.
  • The training regimen is very tough physically. I want to assure you can defend yourself properly in the ring, avoiding any possible injury, this only comes from consistent solid team practices.
  • You will be sparring weekly. Under 18 years old, your parent’s consent is required.
  • I expect a lot from you, if you show up with a good attitude and try your hardest, this is all I ask. I always say, “I would rather train a fighter with a determined heart and drive as opposed to a naturally skilled guy who is lazy.”

For more details, stop in to talk anytime. Feel free to come and watch the sparring.
Do not register under IronGloves club name unless you are given permission to do so!